These pages have been designed for those interested in graphic design, or students, to provide more information about graphic design and associated subjects. And how to understand The Design Process.

They will also help you to decide if you wish to work for an employer, or whether to go solo or

We are all different - and working for a large studio or agency means that you would be able to bounce ideas off other people. Working freelance or solo requires a lot of self discipline -
read more here.

The notes are of a general nature - so please always do your own research - particularly if you are in a different country.

Although many of the notes are relevant to AUSTRALIA, many of them are also applicable worldwide.
Do you love designing and illustrating?

Not sure where to start or wondering if working solo is for you?

Many are not suited to freelance or solo for many reasons and are best working for an employer.

Hopefully some of the notes in this section will help you work out what is best for you.

We are sorry that we cannot answer individual queries due to the volume of requests received. We hope that your queries will be answered after reading through this website.
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We regret Unicorn Graphics CANNOT offer any employment, nor work experience.
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