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Your privacy is important to us
Unicorn Graphics | Unicorn Art & Design protects the privacy of it's clients and customers. We collect information from our clients and customers for the purpose of fulfilling an order or project.

We use PayPal for Internet Transactions so that they are on a secure server for your protection. You may use your Bank Account or Visa or MasterCard in PayPal. You do not have to have an account with PayPal to use it.

If you prefer not to pay with PayPal, then we accept payment by phone or mail with Visa or MasterCard credit card or Direct Deposit.

We do not use third party mail lists and no details from mailing lists are passed onto third parties without your knowledge. If you have asked us to refer you to someone else, we copy the email/letter to yourself so you are aware of a referral or recommendation.
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General design including logos
When Unicorn Graphics | Unicorn Art & Design creates a logo for a client we are happy for the copyright to belong to the client once the logo is finalised and full payment is received, but we retain the right to use the logo in advertising our design services if required as samples. There is no extra fee for this. If a concept is developed but not continued or finalised it cannot be used at all by the client.

Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Rights” means all copyright, trade marks (whether registered or not), designs, patents; trade, business, company or domain names; and any other intellectual property including know-how. Unicorn Graphics retains all Intellectual Property Rights in the Work and all designs, sketches, mock-ups, preliminary drawings and other incidental works made in the creation of the Work. For the avoidance of doubt, no fees paid to Unicorn Graphics are in consideration of the assignment of any Intellectual Property Rights to you. Your compliance with the Terms and receipt by Unicorn Graphics of all fees payable by you under the Terms, you are granted a non-exclusive licence to use the Work only for the purposes described in the Order Confirmation.
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What about raw files?
Only finished pdfs are provided to the client suitable for either print or web or both. No raw or development files are provided because in doing so they would breach many intellectual property rights. Professional design programs involve many links, fonts, images, plugins and techniques that are unique to each designer. Plus the program version has limitations on each file and most cannot be opened in earlier versions. In vary rare circumstances - such as pre-negotiated contracts with another provider where it is clearly stated that the files are being prepared for use on their system and will not be passed on to any other designer - then extra fees will apply. Those circumstances are rare and the design software must be identical on both the provider and client end. An analogy is that when we order food in a restaurant, we do not ask the chef to provide all the cooking utensils, recipes and secret additions. The same applies to a design.
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Commissioned works of illustration
Illustrated works (a) In general terms, all illustration remains copyright to the artist, Karen Curran and Unicorn Graphics | Unicorn Art & Design. The client is licensed to use the illustration for the original purpose, but is not permitted to pass the illustrations onto anyone else including other designers or media, nor are they permitted to edit the drawings or illustrations.
(b) If the client wishes to purchase exclusive use, a fee can be negotiated, and Unicorn Graphics retains the right to use the images as portfolio samples in all kinds of media, but may not use those images for any other projects or clients. The only exception is work commissioned for Federal Government - Commonwealth, State, Territory - who then owns the copyright but permits portfolio use. This does not apply to local government.

Further info on legal matters in the creative arts in Australia can be sought from: The Arts Law Centre of Australia:
The Copyright Council:
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In general terms, all photography remains copyright to the originator and/or Unicorn Graphics.

Photos used from our photo libraries
The photo is licensed for the original purpose only, but is not permitted to be passed onto anyone else including other designers or media. If required for other use then the photo must be purchased outright separately from the photo library itself. If providing photos to be used in a project, then the client warrants that those photos are either the property of the client and are free of copyright or royalties.

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Music and lyrics are subject to copyright and royalties.
There are special licences for all kinds of situations including weddings and funerals, churches and public performances. Payment is made through
APRA-AMCOS Australia.
Go to the
APRA-AMCOS website to download details applicable to you. www.apra-amcos.com.au
The Australian Copyright Council has lots of information.
Tab 7
For design projects, a deposit or credit card authority is required on commencement, with final payment before project goes to print or is finalised.

NOTE: All artwork is subject to payment, regardless of whether project is completed or not and is due on completion or within 7-14 days of invoice for repeat customers. Any project extending past one month is billed progressively and no further work commenced until full payment received.

Web Hosting and Domains
As we have to pay our provider, we reserve the right to discontinue any website or domain renewals that have been unpaid for more than 30 days.

Product Purchases
For products, full payment or credit card authority is required on order. Orders must be fully paid for before despatch.
Prices do not include postage & packaging unless specifically stated. Delivery is by Australia Post or courier and within Australia. Australian prices include GST.
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Do we provide finished Artwork as print or web pdf?
We can provide print ready pdfs for artwork for anywhere in the world.

Payment must be made using PayPal and be received before final file is sent.
PDFs of art ready to print can be sent anywhere in the world by email.